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so, this is probably going to turn out to be a weird rambling brainfart or something, but i'm just gonna sit here and type and see what happens.

it's been a long time since i've done something like this... things happened, water flowed, life changed... then i was prompted to write my favourite moment on dA for Celebrate deviantART's 13th Birthday! 

On the day of your birth, you were likely surrounded by those who loved you, who would lead you through the rough first scary years of life, and who would stand by as you grew into a capable person. As time passed, others may have drifted into your life, and even if you didn't know it, they also nurtured and cared for you in much the same way, helping to shape the person you would become.
When a community like deviantART is born, the same common thread binds its originators and founding members together. Over the years, more and more creative beings drift into its life and strengthen its core every single day, resulting in an exponentially inspirational powerhouse for the sheer fact that they've become a part of it. That nurturing spirit, that inherent support system, that caring community inspires deviantART to grow, and it comes from inside each and every one of you.
Today, Augus
. well, that's easy, i thought... i know exactly what that is, and this is what i will write:

my favourite (and proudest) moment on dA is finding out that :iconmagical525: got a dd for Coral Reef Diary Cover by Magical525 . i've encouraged her to do more and believe in her abilities, and we've been watching her gallery stats grow together over the months. i was with her when she started that project and enjoyed the development. her joy and excitement when it was unexpectedly picked as a dd was just amazing :)

but then i realised that would just be the peak of the mountain, so many things have made an impression on me...
    the amazing artworks and photos displayed
    the thought provoking journals
    the random and often hilarious or intriguing profiles i encounter, normally through through the llama trading game or browsing through the daily deviations

but even then, that doesn't explain it all. i have read a lot of blogs for some time, yet rarely made a comment. i've often thought of making my own blog, but never quite got there.
i guess the reason for both of these situations is the same - a deep-rooted thought that what i say will be either ignored, or probably worse, ridiculed.

i know at least one person that will read this and tell me i am being silly for thinking this... and through seeing so many people here creating stuff and sharing their thoughts, it helps me believe her... i don't think i'm quite there yet, but maybe this is a start.....

and ultimately, that is the real meaning of dA to me


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